University Campuses

Today, the campus network needs to target not only availability and reliability, but services, too, as business-critical network applications become increasingly interactive and traffic patterns become less predictable. In adapting to these new demands and aligning the network with business priorities, Managers must make sure the campus network delivers business value on two fronts: user experience and operational excellence. As well as campus-critical network applications, all ULV systems also run on the campus network. The Campus Life Safety Systems, Video Surveillance, Access Control, IP-Video/TV, Campus Emergency Systems, etc.

The Campus Communications Fabric, a framework to enable the interactive campus and address the IT gaps that businesses experience, can help companies meet those objectives. Through six primary attributes-application intelligence, unified network services, integrated security, virtualization, non-stop communications, and operational manageability-the unified Campus Communications Fabric presents an architecture in which products and features work together to provide highly consistent services and policies, anywhere, anytime, and irrespective of connection type.


Integrated Security Systems
· Situational Awareness & Intelligence Platform,
· Video Surveillance, Video Management System
Management Systems
· Access Control Systems & Biometric Access
· Intrusion Detection Systems
· Perimeter Security Systems
· Barriers, Turnstiles, Road Blockers
Announcement Systems
· Intelligent Voice and Visual Announcement Systems
Life Safety Systems
· Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
· Refuge Systems
Automation and Control Systems
· Lighting Management Systems,
· Parking Management Systems
· Master Clock Systems
· Smart Building Controls
· Asset & Utility Management
ICT Systems
· Servers and Storage Systems
· Network infrastructure
· IP telephony