Titan can supply the state of the art technology with total integration of the systems, namely safety, security, information and building management systems, throughout the building while you provide a modern, reliable and comfortable environment.

With high-level product and engineering services for since 1987 we maintain an excellent level of life and property safety for your tenants, employees and customers by using the most advanced technology.


Integrated Security Systems
· Situational Awareness Platform
· Video Surveillance and Retail Analysis Solutions
Management Systems
· Access Control Systems & Biometric Access
· Intrusion Detection Systems
· Perimeter Security Systems
· Barriers, Turnstiles, Road Blockers
Announcement Systems
· Intelligent Voice and Visual
Life Safety Systems
· Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
· Refuge Systems
Automation and Control Systems
· Lighting Management Systems
· Parking Management Systems
· Master Clock Systems
· Smart Building Controls
ICT Systems
· Servers and Storage Systems
· Network infrastructure
· IP telephony