Titan can supply the state of the art technology with total integration of the systems, namely safety, security, information, automation and room management systems, throughout the building. Among these systems, room management systems integrated with online hotel locks, is unique. RMS, increases the comfort level of the guest by supplying the required air conditioning at all times and manages the lighting in the room setting the perfect scenes for the guests mood. While serving the guest in a transparent manner, the RMS also serves to the management by not only significantly (25-35%) decreasing the energy consumed in the room, but also showing the status off all the rooms in an unmatched 3D view of the rooms with a high level of details like the temperature, HVAC status, lighting status, Minibar status etc.

Locks can go online by communicating with the thermostat in the room, and using the network of the RMS. Online locks can report each and every detail in the hotel to the from front office & management.


Integrated Security Systems
· Video Surveillance and
Management Systems
· Access Control Systems
· Intrusion Detection Systems
Life Safety Systems
· Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
· Refuge Systems
Automation and Control Systems
· Lighting Management Systems
· Hotel Guest Room Management Systems
· Parking Management Systems
· Master Clock Systems
· Smart Building Controls
· Asset & Utility Management
ICT Systems
· Servers and Storage Systems
· Network infrastructure
· IP telephony