Şişecam Balikesir Fiber Glass Plant

  • Şişecam Balikesir Fiber Glass Plant

    Şişecam Balikesir Fiber Glass Plant

    Titan as a technology contractor has successfully completed the VSS, Video Surveillance System, ACC, Access Control System and PSS, Perimeter Security System as well as OT systems. Our turn-key responsibility is to supply, install and commission the systems listed below;

    The system consists of;


    A- Cameras

    Manufactured by Dahua, high class, 12MP cameras are being deployed.

    B- VMS, Video Management System

    Manufactured by Genetec, Omnicast IP Video Management Solution being deployed.

    C- ACS, Access Control System

    Manufactured by Genetec, Synergis™ IP Access Control System being deployed.

    IrisID and HID readers used for employee’s access management.

    D- IDS, Intrusion Management System

    Manufactured by DSC-Tyco, Enterprise level IDS system being deployed.

    E- PSS, Perimeter Security System

    Manufactured by SpotterRF, fixed Ground Radar system being deployed.

    F- SMS, Security Management System – Integration

    Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system that provides organizations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualization, and complete incident management capabilities. It integrates above systems and allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information.

    G- OT Network, Operational Technology Network

    OT networks support infrastructure connects process control equipment thoroughly to collect valuable data for deeper analysis. Design is based on Purdue Model which suggests isolation of different parts of the infrastructure for achieving an increased security level.

    End to end OT network system enables real-time decision making through fog computing, eliminating unplanned downtime through predictive maintenance, and ensuring cybersecurity for a new world of connected machines.

    Şişecam Elyaf Sanayii A.Ş. is producing “E” glass fiber for reinforcement products in the GRP industry since 1976. Just recently a brand-new plant started production at Balıkesir.