Industrial Facilities

As one of the business partners of Titan, Tyco’s Safety Products segment designs, manufactures and sells fire suppression, electronic security and life safety products, including fire suppression products, breathing apparatus, intrusion, security, access control and video management systems. Safety Products manufactures fire suppression products, including water sprinkler systems, portable fire extinguishers, commercial suppression systems for hazards, gas, powder and foam agents, hose products and fire-fighting foam and related delivery devices. It also manufactures life safety products, such as self-contained breathing apparatus designed for firefighter, industrial and military use, supplied air respirators, air-purifying respirators, thermal imaging cameras, gas detection equipment and gas masks. Its breathing apparatus products are used by the military forces of several countries.

Tyco designs and manufactures electronic security products, such as integrated video surveillance and access control systems. Its global access control solutions include: integrated security management systems for enterprise applications, access control solutions applications, alarm management panels, door controllers, readers, keypads and cards. The Company’s global video system solutions include digital video management systems, matrix switchers and controllers, digital multiplexers, programmable cameras, monitors and liquid crystal displays. Its intrusion security products provide security products for homes and businesses ranging from burglar alarms to a range of security systems, including alarm control panels, keypads, sensors and central station receiving equipment used in security monitoring centers.


Integrated Security Systems
· Situational Awareness & Intelligence Platform
· Video Surveillance and Video Management System
Management Systems
· Access Control Systems and Biometric Access
· Intrusion Detection Systems
· Perimeter Security Systems
· Barriers, Turnstiles, Road Blockers
Announcement Systems
· Intelligent Voice and Visual Systems
Life Safety Systems
· Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
· Gas Detection & Explosion Proof Equipment
· Linear Heat Detection
· Refuge Systems
Automation and Control Systems
· Lighting Management Systems
· Parking Management Systems
· Master Clock Systems
· Smart Building Controls
· Asset & Utility Management
ICT Systems
· Servers and Storage Systems
· Network infrastructure
· IP telephony