Information display system

NEXUS is a system of remote display for broadcasting information to the public: incoming and departing flights, general information, etc. Supplied by the Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) or any other external system, it manages the display of this data on terminals spread throughout the airport.

Main characteristics and advantages
Dissemination of flight information in real-time
Dissemination of data coming from external systems: trains, buses, etc.
Management of an unlimited number of display points
Intuitive creation of simple and complex images
Simplified administration thanks to high-performance tools
Solution that is user-friendly and easy-to-use
Unlimited image creation

Thanks to a simple and easy-to-use mask editor, NEXUS can create an unlimited number of simple and complex images which will be displayed on the display terminals according to their location and use. It may concern images of check-in desks, conveyor belts, lists of flights, advertising messages, etc. The images created are composed of highly varied elements such as text, logos, video and may be recorded in different formats.

Numerous combinations are possible, such as default images, alternating images, scrolling messages, passenger messages, etc. NEXUS also manages the automatic redistribution of images according to the available points of display, as well as the alternation of images or even the alternation of data within the same image.

An optimised system

Images may be broadcast on a wide range of display terminals (TFT, LED, etc.). These are connected through any network supporting TCP/IP. The terminals may therefore be local (on site) or remote (hotels, stations, etc.). Image transfer does not overload the network because NEXUS assigns image masks to the display terminals, then supplies them with data to constitute the images. Logos, fonts and films are downloaded directly onto the terminals and are only renewed in case of changes or new elements, thus avoiding unnecessary traffic.

Voice Announcement System

IED Public Address System is a public address system (PA) and NEXUS media management solution, designed specifically for the air transport industry. It combines audio communications with real-time visual updates. So, whenever an announcement is made over the PA, a corresponding message automatically appears on video screens across the airport.

By employing the very latest audiovisual technology, IED & NEXUS Public Address & FIDS Systems ensure passengers are kept informed at every stage of their journey through the airport. It can help you improve operational efficiencies, make better use of staff resources and enhance the passenger experience. It can also help you grow ancillary revenue through targeted audiovisual advertising.